Identity Theft & Fraud

    • Prevention Tips

      Don’t let fraud get the best of you and avoid becoming the intended victim to someone else’s monetary or person gain. Learn these proactive tips to help protect yourself from fraud.

    • Common Scams and Frauds

      The U.S. Government has published information on common scams and frauds. You can also contact them via this link to seek their help. They also offer these tips for your online safety.

    • Prevent Identity Theft

      Identity theft is a serious crime. It happens when your personal information is used without your permission. Learn more about how to prevent identity theft.

    • Repair Identity Theft

      If you believe you have been a victim of Identity theft, learn more about how to repair it.

    • Debit Cards Vs. Credit Cards

      Using various plastic cards can have a broad impact, particularly to a thief. Learn more from Consumer Affairs about these cards.