Insurance Information

Upon signing the sale contract, and while you have a balance remaining on your account, you agreed to and are required to maintain full coverage insurance to protect NAC, as lienholder, and yourself against loss resulting from an accident or other damage to your vehicle.

Following the terms of your sale contract, if you fail to obtain the required auto insurance or do not provide proof of insurance to us, as lienholder, we may legally purchase insurance to protect the vehicle. Each time this occurs we will add the balance to your account and your monthly payment will increase accordingly. You will incur significant additional interest expense as a result.

  • Your Responsibilities

    • Maintain full coverage insurance, including comprehensive and collision coverage with a maximum $500 deductible, naming Newport Acceptance Corporation as the lienholder / loss payee.
    • Provide proof of that insurance to us when we request it. We will request proof from you if:
      • You provide a binder to us and the insurer does not provide a declarations page or notice of coverage to us within 30 days.
      • Your coverage expires at the normal termination date of your policy and we are unable to confirm directly with your insurer that the policy has been renewed.
      • We receive notice from your insurer that your policy is terminating early for any reason.
      • You delete Newport Acceptance Corporation as loss payee / lienholder.
    • Proof of insurance may be mailed to us at P.O. Box 3668, Tustin, CA 92781, e-mailed to us at or faxed to us at (855) 338-7838.
  • If We Add Insurance On Your Account

    • Your best interests are served by securing your own full-coverage insurance as soon as possible.
    • The coverage is issued through Ohio Indemnity Company, a licensed California insurer.
    • The policy only covers the vehicle securing your account. It does not satisfy California’s liability insurance requirement. If you fail to maintain separate liability coverage, your vehicle registration may be canceled and your vehicle may be impounded by law enforcement.
    • You most likely can purchase insurance for a lower annual premium than we can secure under this program. When you buy insurance, your broker / insurer has access to your driving record and other factors that help identify the risks they are covering.  However when we add insurance, Ohio Indemnity Company does not have that information and the premiums reflect their increased risk.
    • You will incur significant additional interest expense on your account if you choose not to pre-pay for the full 12-month period of coverage. By default the 12-month insurance policy will be charged to you over the remaining life of your contract to minimize your monthly expense.  YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENT INCREASE DOES NOT COVER THE MONTHLY INSURANCE COST AND RELATED INTEREST.  WHEN THE 12-MONTH POLICY EXPIRES, YOUR PAYMENT WILL NOT RETURN TO THE ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED PAYMENT. 
    • Please carefully review the certificate and policy cover letter we send you so you understand the total costs and payment options.
  • Your insurance policy or binder should reflect the following:

    • $500 Deductible (no higher)
    • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage
    • Through Account Payoff

    Please fax proof of insurance to:
    (855) 338-7838
    or email it to:

    • Loss payee as follows:
      Newport Acceptance Corporation
      P.O. Box 3668
      Tustin, CA  92781-3668

    Call our toll-free Customer Service number for more information:

    (800) 353-5886.

    ID cards do not satisfy this request.