Insurance Information

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    Newport Acceptance Corporation has established minimum insurance requirements.  It is essential you provide proof of your insurance coverage from the date of purchase through the day your account is paid off.

    You must maintain Comprehensive and Collision coverage with a deductible of no more than $500.00.  If you do not provide proof of insurance to NAC, we must purchase insurance for you  and your monthly payment will increase accordingly.  Note:  the insurance provided by NAC will not satisfy California’s liability insurance requirement.

  • Your insurance policy or binder should reflect the following:

      • $500 Deductible (no higher)
      • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage
      • Through Account Payoff

      • Loss payee as follows:
            Newport Acceptance Corporation
            P.O. Box 3668
            Tustin, CA  92781-3668
    • Please fax proof of insurance to:
      (855) 338-7838
      or email it to:

    • Call our toll-free Customer Service number for more information:
      (800) 353-5886.

    ID cards do not satisfy this request.